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never they want the trees color is nice low key black people for as long as we've been fighting back have been labeled as terrorist studio unscripted on al-jazeera. u.s. congressional investigators present arguments for and against the impeachment of president donald trump over his dealings with ukraine. and our intake of zanjeer a live from london also coming up tens of thousands flee in libya as russian and syrian government forces escalate as trikes and file bombings on the rebel held province. police in new zealand say they do not expect to find any more survivors from a volcanic eruption has killed at least 5 people up to 2 dozen remain unaccounted
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for. and anger in india as the government presents a bill it to parliament that seeks to block a muslim in legal immigrants from gaining citizenship. and who would begin in the us where the house judiciary committee is formally receiving the investigative findings in the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump noirs from the democratic and republican parties are presenting their case for watching should or should not be impeached based on recent testimonies and other evidence trump is accused of withholding military aid to ukraine in exchange for an investigation into his political rival and current democratic presidential hopeful joe biden. apologies for that also sound there and will come back to that. we'll have
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a much as a minute but 1st testing cost as a lawyer for house republicans says democrats don't have enough evidence and that case to impeach president trying this case in many respects comes down to 8 lines in a culture and script let me say clearly and unequivocally that the answer to that question is no the record in the democrats' impeachment inquiry does not show that president dr abused the power of his office or obstructed congress to impeach a president whose 63000000 people voted for over 8 lines in a call transcript is boni going to show and not capitol hill in washington it's been quite a fiery session safe. that's right fiery and in disagreement even on the basic facts it's interesting because they're looking at the same a ray of exactly what happened but with very different interpretations you heard just now from the republican counsel who minimize this saying that the phone call
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between trump and the president of ukraine does not amount to an impeachable offense however the democrats have a very different take on it they say that call which is supported by the testimony of witnesses state department officials as well as insiders from the white house democrats say that this shows trump is guilty of abuse of power of the trail of the national interest by putting his own self-interest ahead of that of the country and of the corruption of elections and on that last point the democratic counsel who's arguing the case today really zone did as an explanation for why democrats are pressing forward with such the lost city saying that because trump here is accused of soliciting foreign interference in the upcoming u.s. presidential elections that this impeachment process must unfold and conclude
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before those elections take place to ensure the integrity of those elections republicans have said that democrats are going forward because they are politically biased against trump motivated to find any way to remove him from office since the day he was sworn in and accusing democrats of being fearful that their own candidate would lose against trump in the presidential elections and thus moving forward so quickly with evidence that republicans say is mostly hearsay to impeach and try to remove this president as quickly as possible and what is the next step in all this. right so today's hearing may be the last that we see before the house. judiciary committee of course this is the body that's cast with drafting the articles of impeachment that means these are the political charges that trump will face if and when this goes to a trial before the senate and all indications are that is certainly will because
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starting next week once these articles are drafted then the full house which is controlled by a democratic majority will vote to then officially impeach the president once that is done then this thing moves into the senate in the new year for what very likely will be a highly partisan trial. thank you very much indeed. i heard that man is a former u.s. deputy assistant attorney general he joins us live from washington d.c. given all that i mean how important is this particular hearing in the grand scheme of impeachment it's fairly important we've now moved to the judiciary committee which is the body that will vote out the articles of impeachment if they are to be voted out so this is the presentation of the basic evidence on both sides this will be the basis at least nominally a stance of bully for the actual vote to take place perhaps at the end of the week or next week and some and is it anything beyond an exercise in each side kind of
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spinning what we've heard so far in the butt to in their particular direction or does it is it going to shed any light on if anything. well it doesn't seem to be does it that is in previous impeachments the nixon one comes to mind there really was a kind of sober exercise in what is required for impeachment here the 2 parties seem intractably opposed down to their very final numbers so in some ways it is a kind of academic recitation and indeed the. polity doesn't seem to have been changed much one way or another so it's a necessary exercise but i think it is fair to characterize it also as an academic one and overall how damaging potentially is this do you think to the president potentially to the democrats well that's right i mean there are they you can argue it both ways and politicians have some have said this will make trump
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a victim and and consolidate his base. has said it will drive home some of the most if not the most abusive behavior in the history of the presidency i think it's clear notwithstanding trump's bravado that he certainly doesn't want it and fears and lows the effort and it's hard to see how it helps them to have these charges aired on the other hand the doesn't seem to have not just the needle off his basic political support so time will tell perhaps it you know in the clinton case for example it actually helped clinton the impeachment effort here i think the charges are sufficiently serious that it's hard to see them really doing trump. good but but we will see and the what point do they move on i mean. total question mechanics of this. yes well the table is now said this is the last
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procedural move that has to happen before articles are voted out there continues to be debate within the democrats about especially the contours of one of the 3 articles and there is at least the possibility of additional fact witnesses but none has been notice to date so it may well be the table is now set and the next move will be the big one the actual well will be the the penultimate one that is the voting out of articles within the committee and then it goes to the the house as a whole at least as a procedural matter nothing else need happen before articles of impeachment are voted yes or no by the judiciary committee i read it and thank you very much indeed to have taken time to isn't there thank you thanks for having me learn and on the u.s. justice department's internal watchdog says it's found no evidence of political bias
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by the f.b.i. when if an investigation into contacts between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia in 2016 is going on typical hane in washington d.c. talks to the the detail of this report. so this is the inspector general for the department of justice and every agency within the federal government has this team it's basically people to watch to be the watchdog for that department so the inspector general a well known well respected for both sides of the has been looking into this claim by u.s. president donald trump that in essence he says the f.b.i. put a spy in his campaign and that they mistakenly incredibly launched the investigation into potential ties between him and his campaign and the russian government so the i.g. has been looking at this for months he says that he interviewed 170 people looked at over a 1000000 documents in the bottom line in the executive summary the whole page report about 5 pages are still going through that but the bottom line in the
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executive summary is that there is no political bias or improper motivation for launching this investigation he did go on to critique the f.b.i. for some things for example the president likes to say this was started the whole investigation was started by the christopher steele bridgette former british spy was doing research paid for by the clinton campaign he did hand that information over the f.b.i. but according the inspector general they started the investigation well before that because a top aide to president trump george papadopoulos had been brought in to foreign governments that the russians had dirt on hillary clinton that they were going to work with the trim campaign so that's what started the investigation now the inspector general is faulting the f.b.i. with one thing it says a couple of things but it says that one some of the information the steel dossier was to be disputed that they should have notified the courts who were granted the surveillance that there were some inaccuracies in that report and they didn't do
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that so the inspector general saying some steps need to be taken to make sure that doesn't happen again but the overall finding after all of these interviews and all of these documents is that it wasn't which there wasn't a spy in the trunk campaign and that the inspector general says the initial investigation was launched correctly briefly what reaction we had from trump if any . oh you know you're going to hear from the president he just has actually just spoken to reporters at the white house have a read out of that we don't have the tape yet basically saying it's a disgrace what's happened with things that were done to our country it's incredible far worse than what i ever thought possible to sad day for the country and so he's looking at this report and doing what he often does is try to shape the narrative for his followers saying this proves what i've been saying there was a witch hunt and that the f.b.i. was out to get me the deep state if you are but the report doesn't say that still the president is using this report to say that what he's been saying all along is true despite all evidence from the actual report. thank you very much.
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syrian activists say more than 800000 people have been displaced in rebel held problems in just 24 hours syrian government and russian asterix are intensified despite a cease fire and out by moscow northwest dozens of civilians are being killed but at smith reports. there was a market here in the southern italy village when the airstrikes began. you didn't know they were russian jets according to the syrian observatory for human rights. volunteer white helmet how medics are there within minutes to do what they've done thousands of times during the civil war trying to save the lives of civilians them a scrabble through the dirt by hand when you go to the machinery could displace more rubble she takes you to take you to what i don't feel somehow this man is
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still alive. in a place. intensive airstrikes by jets targeted the main market the airstrikes killed at least 8 civilians and left dozens injured as civil defense we took out the bodies and help the injured. by leon was one of 5 villages hit by syrian government forces in italy province in the last 48 hours this territory is the last holdout of groups opposed to president bashar al assad. russia which supports assad and turkey which backs the rebels had agreed in august that this would be a deescalation zone but attacks have continued since then. more than 18000 people have been displaced since sunday as a consequence of the latest bombardments most head north towards the turkish border worsening an already desperate refugee situation that.
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5 people are being killed and 8 others and missing after a volcanic eruption off new zealand's eastern coast minister says new zealanders as well as tourists from australia the u.s. u.k. china and malaysia are among those affected for a challenge reports. thick smoke and ash rises thousands of meters into the air is the white island volcano also known by its indigenous maori name for a car erupts it's 50 kilometers away but the toxic cloud of sulfur and chlorine can be seen from the mainland. 34 people managed to get off the island some in boats others including some of the injured by helicopter volcanic ash is now hampering rescue as attempts to get to the island 47 people went on to the oil and used we can. under so east 31 currently in hospital through that i think still missing in 3 had been discharged from hospital.
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overnight. new zealand's prime minister has talked to the rescue missions i want to acknowledge the courageous decision made by 1st responders and those pilots who in the immediate response if that made a incredibly brave decision under extraordinarily dangerous circumstances in an attempt to get people out. as a result of the if it's the number of people we received from the island why it's island is located in the bay of plenty and has been active for at least 150000 years his new zealand's largest and most unpredictable volcano erupting every couple of years releasing gas clouds steam and rocks the alert level was raised last month a warning that the volcano may experience a period of activity more than normal particularly big eruption is its seed
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kind of. almost like a throat clearing kind of a ruction and that's why material probably made it to. my kid my name. on the scheme of things for volcanic eruptions it's not latch but if you're close to saying this is not good. emergency services haven't confirmed whether any of the missing still alive but reconnaissance flights haven't yet found any signs of life to reach islands al-jazeera. there live from london still ahead but the protection is beginning last minute campaigning to win over undecided voters for thursday's general election.
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a very unsettled picture across much of europe a raid in the fall called snow and some pretty strong winds as well look at this massacre i work its way eastwards there's more out towards the west and what we have seen is this big storm system that worked its way through the last apology weekend in through monday this is some pretty big waves here on the coast of northern spain is some sebastien and the strong winds in the 4 calls as we go through choose a not quite make it down that fall for the 1st part of the day you can see this blanket that out towards the west another very powerful storm bringing with it some more rain as well fairly wise but not particularly cold on tuesday 11 celsius in london 7 in paris and then we've got this area of disturbed weather the central med pushing across into the southeast we will some snow here as well so those patients and the rain at times could be pretty heavy particularly into areas of greece and you can see here by wednesday we're beginning to push cross into western areas of turkey as well so 15 degrees in athens with that rain we've then got sort of bits and pieces of clouds the morning fog across much of eastern europe damages already
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just a few degrees above freezing and then have very messy picture out across the west who will snow again in the mix as well as some rain those showers in the central med their way east was for the next couple days i will see showers along this coastal areas. we. should embryos to communist leaders. age old philosophies of the rule of order remains central to the world's oldest living civilization. in the 1st of a 2 part series the big picture charts how a history spanning by 1000 years china's womb in the industrialized world. the china complex part one on al-jazeera.
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armaan of the top stories how knowledge is era us democrats say evidence from the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump showed his actions present a clear danger to fair elections and national security the house judiciary committee has been hearing arguments from both democrats and republicans for watch on showed who should not be impeached over his dealings with ukraine. syrian activists say more than 18000 people have been displaced in metal held in that province in just 24 hours syrian government and russian air strikes an intensified despite a cease fire announced by moscow in august. place in new zealand so they do not expect to find any more survivors on travel kind of corruption of the country's eastern coast at least 5 people were killed on watch island and many more are still
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unaccounted for. talks are underway in paris between the leaders of russia and ukraine the meeting between vladimir putin and one of them is a lansky brokered by the leaders of france and germany is aimed at ending the 5 year conflict in eastern ukraine ukrainian officials say among their demands are a last thing ceasefire in the donbass region and the exchange of all prisoners. and he's in paris for sale and he has been talking for a number of hours now what's the latest. well there is a good sign here that now selenski and put in are having their very 1st meeting had to have face to face the leaders hadn't met before they were on the phone of a couple of times and there has been quite some debate about the differences especially the difference in experience between the 2 leaders of course put in is an experienced negotiator and zelinsky is just become the president of ukraine so
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there's a lot of concern that he might be forced into some kind of concessions and that concern has been. going on on the street in the care of during some some very busy protests in the last couple of weeks but selenski has sort of downplayed also the expectations here in paris he said that he's already happy if there's a fuse a few things that come out of it a major breakthrough he isn't really expecting here but a lot of course is at stake not only for zelinsky who has promised to make an end to this ongoing war in ukraine 5 years already more than 13000 that but also for europe who has seen a paralyzed relationship with russia since the conflict started and they want to go also back to business as usual and in spite of that downplaying expectations what outcome can we look forward to reducing. but what is on the table is this agreement that has been discussed since 2015 and agreed on as well
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but then nothing happened after that until the lansky became the president and now there is talk again about possibly having elections in the russian backed separatist areas and also special status for that region but there's a lot of debate on the timeline of that. once only elections when all the armed forces are gone from that area and that's something that russia has been disputing until now so that this is going to be something that there is not likely to go going to be an agreement on but maybe there will be another prisoner exchange and maybe a cease fire that actually will hold because until now not a single cease fire has been held in eastern ukraine and people are still dying every week there. thank you very much. in india controversial citizenship bill has passed through its 1st stage in parliament proposal or is
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geared towards granting citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution but it excludes muslims some say it's the governing hindu nationalist parties latest attempt at sidelining muslims in india on trial for a report from new delhi. ali says his wife committed suicide while he was being held to tension center accused of being an illegal migrant he says his son lost his shop because of the stigma attached to being a member of what's considered to be an outside his family and that he himself is often so depressed he thinks he may have lost his mind. i can't think properly know a current life in the detention center was very hard. to get. the names of both ali and his son are missing from the national register of citizens a list of who is and isn't an indian in the state of. many other muslims are also
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worried they may be forced into state lessness. especially as the indian government takes the citizenship amendment bill through parliament. the best says that hindus christians sikhs janes and parsis who faced religious persecution in afghanistan pakistan and bangladesh should be granted indian citizenship but it excludes muslims moral duty of the indian state to provide. if hindu they were not really given a place in india then where will they go this is. the thousands gathered to protest against the bill in several states in india describing it as a discriminatory legislation intended to talk of. the bill is intrinsically linked to the national register of citizens analysts say as the indian government makes it mandatory for all indians to register it off as muslims no protection it is
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unacceptable not only because it is anti by not it be not only because it gets muslims not only because it is unconstitutional but because it is against the very idea of. members of opposition parties have accused the government of polarizing the people of many political analysts politicians and those who oppose this government want to know why this bill that's meant to protect persecuted minorities does not include muslim the man they say citizenship on the basis of religion is taking any other step too far from being a secular state and closer to being made into nation. however some hindus are also against it and shook paul's father was detained in accuse of being an illegal migrant he fell ill in a detention center and died but his son wants his father's dignity restored not because they were religiously persecuted bengali hindus from bangladesh but because
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they are indian our children were al-jazeera you delhi where with iraq's foreign ministry has summoned for foreign envoys for their statements condemning a weekend attack in baghdad 20 anti-government demonstrators and 4 police officers were killed when gunmen stormed a protest center in the capital's tahrir square ambassadors of germany the u.k. and france had met caretaker premier until monday on sunday there to ensure the protection of protesters and bring justice to those responsible for the killings the canadian ambassador was also summoned for stating that the government should not allow armed groups with special agendas to roam free. france will host an international conference on wednesday aimed at resolving the political and economic crisis in lebanon the country has been without a functioning government since the end of october when prime minister saad hariri quit over a major anti-government protests demonstrations are continuing with calls for those still in power to step down under 7 and power sharing system and
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a new prime minister must be a sunni muslim. a senior north korean official has warned u.s. president donald trump to stop using abusive language towards its leader kim jong un or risk facing quote catastrophic consequences strong rhetoric between the 2 countries has ramped up in recent days a trump saying on sunday that kim risks losing everything if you resumes hostility trump is continuing calls for north korea to denuclearize after it carried out what it called a successful test of great significance not to states will ask the united nations security council this week to discuss north korea's recent missile launches. campaigning for votes in the u.k.'s general election has entered the final stages ahead of thursday's poll with us from minister boris johnson and opposition labor leader jeremy call been a last minute attempts to win over undecided voters johnson toward
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a fish market while campaigning in a labor held seat in england's north east while coleman addressed crowds in bristol funding the country's health service dominated discussion on monday but johnson criticised his response to the treatment of a young boy who was left sleeping on hospital floor. it was the i want everybody to have the best possible experience in the n.h.s. and so did i i had reports it was to be with you on the whole again i just do the job i support myself but we'd be pretty bloody we believe you to do with as a club the tories over the years to fund our n.h.s. properly. it's time to bring the regime join them. i know that the labor government is determined to fund our n.h.s. properly and then as for transport minister mari in will become the world's youngest prime minister the 34 year old social democrat will head
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a female led coalition after a political shake up for last week's resignation of prime minister. over his handling of a coastal strike arena's had a swift rise in finnish politics from all its becoming head of the city council of her hometown of tempera at the age of 27 the dutch government has announced plans to ban not just oxide better known as laughing gas the move is intended to reduce its use by young people despite the netherlands famously liberal attitude towards some drugs dentists will still be allowed to use it as a painkiller and food makers who use the gas as a propellant in cals of whipped cream will also be able to continue using it. russia has been banned from the world's top sporting events for 4 years for tampering with doping tests the ruling by the world anti-doping agency will prevent russia from competing at the 2020 and in big games in tokyo and the next football world cup among other global sporting events russian athletes will still be able to
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take part under neutral flag if they test negative for performance enhancing drugs the ban comes 5 years after a government sponsored doping scheme was uncovered russia has 21 days to appeal the decision and a quick reminder to us catch up with all our stories including of course impeachment on our website al-jazeera dot com. put it on our top stories when i was there the u.s. house judiciary committee is formally receiving the investigative findings in the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump lawyers from the democratic and republican parties have been presenting their case for why trump should or should not be impeached based on recent testimonies and other evidence tom is accused of withholding military aid to ukraine in exchange for an investigation into his political rival and current democratic presidential hopeful joe biden democrats say
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the president's actions present a clear danger to u.s. national security 2 days ago president trump stated publicly that he hopes that his personal attorney rudy giuliani will report to the department of justice and to congress the results of mr giuliani's efforts in ukraine last week to pursue these false allegations meant to tarnish vice president biden president trump's persistent and continuing effort to coerce a foreign country to help him cheat to win an election is a clear and present danger to our free and fair elections and to our national security. u.s. justice department's internal watchdog says it's found no evidence of political bias by the f.b.i. when it opened an investigation into contacts between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia in 2016 is back to general says the f.b.i. probe was opened on a judgment and properly authorized basis. but he said new zealand say they do not
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expect to find any more survivors after a volcanic eruption off the country's eastern coast at least 5 people were killed on white island and at least 8 others are still on accounted for such people are in hospital talks underway in paris between the leaders of russia and ukraine the meeting between vladimir putin and of autumn is lenski brokered by the leaders of france and germany is aimed at ending the 5 year conflict in eastern ukraine ukrainian officials say among the demands are lost in a cease fire in the region and the exchange of all prisoners. there's the headlines do stay with us and i was there if you can the stream is up next and i'll be back with more news after that thanks so much watching in a bit by fire.
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and you're in the stream today kicking off a weeklong look at the global impact of colonial colonialism and how does colonialism shape the wealth that we are living and what ways has it influenced your life so many of you have already answered that question with hashtags because colonialism and i'll be sharing your responses throughout the week so join our conversation on twitter or live on you tube ringback. ok my jaffery historian university of amsterdam and you are in. by the end.


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